Facing Challenges with the BTLPT?

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An online platform providing 24/7 access to a competency-based online preparation seminar (organized into three courses) with hours of instructional videos, reading material, practice activities, and assessments.

Participants enjoy the flexibility of completing each course during the length of a semester, working any time they can, and from any device they want. This guarantees the continuity of the learning process for all the competencies to be evaluated by the certification exam.

We work closely with your institution to facilitate access to educational resources designed to ensure success on the state certification exam. In addition, our courses provide progress reports to your institution. 

These reports will include results for all of the evaluations completed on each course module.

A Solution With Multiple Benefits

– Competency-Based Training

– Native Spanish Speaker Tutor

– 24/7  Tutor on Video

– Learning Continuity

– Ongoing Assessments

– Immediate Feedback

– Progress Reports

– Student Accountability

– Flexibility

Covering All Domains

One Seminar - Three Courses

Each course provides the students with the required knowledge and skills for each area of the test.
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  • Understanding the BTLPT
  • Achieving Communication Competence
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spanish Grammar and Orthography 1
  • Academic Vocabulary 1
  • Spanish Grammar and Orthography 2
  • Academic Vocabulary 2
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Expression 
  • Spanish Grammar and Orthography 3
  • Academic Vocabulary 3
  • Oral Expression 
  • Written Expression
  • Synchronous Meetings with the Instructor
  • Final Assessment
It works with any computer or mobile device

Designed to Facilitate Success

These courses have been organized as a seminar recommended to be completed in three semesters (one course per semester) due to their large number of activities and programmatic content. This way, students will have the opportunity to develop mastery of academic Spanish for each of the competencies evaluated by the exam. In addition, all courses have been designed entirely in Spanish to provide students with more opportunities to practice in the target language.

Students receive individualized feedback on their written and oral practice activities and assessments in all courses. In addition, the final course includes synchronous meetings with the instructor.

Includes Preparation Book

BTLPT Preparation Book

Participants receive the #1 rated preparation book for the BTLPT. This book provides the reader with practical resources for the test, such as:

  • List of common words to avoid in the exam
  • List of transition words
  • List of academic words for multiple scenarios during the exam
  • List of high-frequency words with orthographic accents (acento escrito o tilde)
  • Samples for the oral and written expression sections
  • Note-taking strategies

“I am glad I found this great resource! I like the way the author wrote the book as he not only explained what each section of this exam is about but he also provides examples, scenarios, and strategies to help you practice.”
Grasiela Flores

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